About Us

These days it seems like children are born technology-savvy. From smartphones to video games, to touchscreen computers, they are surrounded by technology that is usurping the world around them. The evidence is clear. Children brighten when they interact with technology. Let us take that fascination to the next level! At Digitech U, we teach children how to adapt to the fast-paced world around them by equipping them with the technological tools they need to succeed in a global economy. From video game design to coding, our students develop new and exciting computer skills that are not only fun but advantageous in preparing children for the jobs of tomorrow. Join us in our vision to inspire children to reach their full potential.


What digitechU Offers

At digitechU, we believe that children should be given the opportunity to have a well-rounded experience. Extracurricular activities in sports, dance and music are valuable but should not be the only types of options available to your child. Prepare your child for the future by enrolling in one of the following amazing opportunities!


After school Program

Our after school program is designed to cultivate our students’ technological competencies by teaching them a variety of courses, from computer programming to game design. In addition, children are exposed to a range of interests and potential, future career paths.


Camp Sessions

Offered to children of all ages, our seasonal camp sessions are offered three times a year – spring break, summer, and winter. We provide both half-day and full-day sessions in which students may select from courses focusing on robotics, computer programming or game design. Enhance your child’s learning whether school is in or out of session.